Citizens for the Humane Treatment
Of Animals on Jekyll Island

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of Mission State
Why Hunting Doesn't Solve Deer Problems
By L. Simons, Field Director, Urban Wildlife Program, Humane Society, USA
A Must Read!!
"Deer me..."
Letter to Jekyll's Golden Islander:
Cartoons protesting possible deer herd reduction by shooting on Jekyll Island,
The Brunswick News - July 23, 2014
Report on JIA Board Meeting Regarding Deer Management Report
JIA Clarifies Position on Deer - July 24, 2014
Deer Management on Jekyll Island State Park
Frequently Asked Questons
The Islander- July 28, 2014
Jekyll residents not happy with JIA deer management report
The Brunswick News - Letters to the Editor Sept. 19
The Brunswick News - Editorial and Letter to the Editor Sept. 12
Result of The Brunswick News Poll on the Jekyll Island Deer Management Issue
Humane Society of the United States Critiques Jekyll Island Deer Management Report
September 2014
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Updated October 25, 2014
The Brunswick News - Letter to the Editor Oct. 24 - No need to destroy deer on Jekyll Island

Times-Georgian: West Ga. parks cultivate areas for "deer watching" opportunities for guests
Dr. Brad Bergstrom, Professor of Biology and Sid Painter, retired DNR, Game Management Division and Wildlife Biologist, Comment on the JIA Deer Management Report
September 2014
Jekyll Island Authority:  Deer Management Report - July 2014
Professor Oswald Shmitz, Yale University, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Comments on Jekyll Island Deer Management Report
October 2014
West Georgia Parks Cultivate Areas for 'Deer Watching' Opportunities for Guests
Times-Georgian - October 19